Welcome to the Home of the Original
Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers
"Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers (BGBB) est. 2001"
We are uniting bikers around the globe in true Brotherhood. Our commitment to integrity, honor, loyalty and respect is stronger than ever and continues to be a way of life.
We strongly believe that "it's not what you ride, but that you ride". As has been said, "Clothes do not make the man", so it is our belief "The ride does not make the Biker"
BGBB Disclaimer
We are neither a motorcycle club nor a riding club and we are not now, nor will we ever be, associated with any club or organization. We are a group of bikers that have formed a world-wide Brotherhood for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting the life style we have chosen to live and enjoy. We respect all clubs and their colors, be they M/C, RC or 1%ers and invite their participation on our forum.
On behalf of the entire membership of the BGBB, we would like to thank all of our Veterans for their unselfish service to our country, and for ensuring our continued freedom.
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